Subsidy Drop Kit for Motorola L2, L6, V19x, V235

1. Install drivers and programs from download section.
2. Push "*", "#", and "Red Key" when phone is off to switch it to the Flash mode.
3. Flash the appropriate firmware using RSD Lite v3.8 program.
4. Turn on phone and upload SEEMs to the specified addresses (indicated in the filenames) using "P2K Tools 3 VS" or other program.
5. Reboot your phone if it asks Subsidy Password again, enter "00000000" all zeros.
6. Profit. Your phone is unlocked and now you can flash your favorite firmware or monsterpack again.

## Download

1. Motorola USB Driver 32-bit v3.7.0
2. Motorola USB Driver 64-bit v3.7.0
3. RSD Lite v3.8
4. P2KTools VS v3.0.9 build 961

## Useful Information

* Detailed YouTube guide
* Thread on MotoFan.Ru forum with information
* Virtual Machines with old Windows and preinstalled hacking Motorola Software

In theory, this method of removing SIM-Lock can work on any Motorola P2K phone where RSA is bypassed just need to properly prepare a patch for the firmware.

## Authors

* Vilko and MotoFan.Ru forum team: RSA Bypass Hack on Neptune LTE and Neptune LTE2 mobile phones.
* L4c: unlocking method using writing nulled PDS SEEMs.
* EXL: porting method to V235 and LTE2.
* Indepth6: testing method on V235 and LTE2.

(c) 05-Nov-2022, specially for MotoFan.Ru forum.