Characteristic main:

- Most speed

- With regard to the video/fotos, it contains the modifications for the improvement of quality and fluency.

- The video camera allows zoom 4x and way night, as well as it pauses during the recording.

- Included the file obsolete modified for the topic of improvement of the videos

- It includes the filters blue, red and green in the camera of pictures

- Loader activated java

- Previsualizacion in the videollamada

- compatible mma with skins

- Suppressed the Re/Reenv when responding to a message.

- Sms storage in the terminal and disabled unicode so that he/she allows to send but characters for sms

- Voice commands (VST)

- Profile wap/mms of Vodafone, Orange and Movistar Spain

- DAP 5.0.30 Installed

- Customizable external LCD changing the file / a/cl.gif 96x80 of resolution

- Without message of costs when being connected to the wap

- Activated the use of EMS

- Activated the zoom

- Personalized outburst images

- Videomensaje option in the menu of messages

- Option of keeping a videollamada

- Button of the camera pointing to that of pictures

- Increased the times of screen illumination

- Limitless filming and maximum size of mms put at 1MB

- Filming in mp4

- Eliminated videos and notes

- Included the previsualizar option the videos after recording them, before keeping them

- Disabled the change of sound profile when loading the battery of the motive

- Option of keyboard blockade (Maintaining pressed *)

- Changed of Silence to Vibration the bell style that he/she began when maintaining pressed #

- Changed the function of the key of the navigator, now points to multimedia

- Unblocked keys of quick marcacion

- But options when creating a new message

------New functions and differences with the Kolbada v7:

- More speed

- More quality of the videos (it is not necessary to load him any seem like in the v7)

- DRM Keeper velocizzato x3 by Chipero optimized with motospeed

- Sounds personalized started/shutdown

- New started ìcture and external screen too

- Suppressed the skins Techno and Silver. The mp takes the skin Moto, Ferrari, Irazr, View v3

- Activated the load for USB

- Option of creating postal message

- Option of activating the sure call

- Eliminated the shortcuts

- Fax deviation

- Option of voice call and fax in the configuration

- Activated the themes

And he/she can that some function but that I forget to mention...

SW: R252211LD_U_85.9B.E5P
FLEX: ed kolbada vX
LP: 0039
Operator: Generic
Test in v3x with boot from up to